The Roller-Coaster of Writing A Book

I love the outlook on this. I find this rollercoaster present in many of us who love writing but tend to suffer from quite a bit of self-doubt (me especially!).
this can be a huge deal when writing anything, I’m reminded of how I felt during university creative writing pieces and assignments.
I also love the idea that “it’s not being lazy, it’s being demotivated”…really helps out and I’m certain we all start out well-intentioned 🙂

Alyssa Mackay | Writer

Last week I was feeling positive about my writing. But this week, I’ve been feeling quite negative.

I’m just over halfway through the first round of rewrites on my work in progress. After receiving feedback from a mentor, I’ve been strengthening character motivations, adding depth and texture and building on themes. Everything was progressing smoothly. But then I dipped into a sudden crisis of confidence. My mind was awash with irrational thoughts. You are wasting your life. The person who gave you feedback was just being nice. No one cares about your book.

This is the rollercoaster of writing a book (and could easily be applied to any creative pursuit). One second you’re cruising up the hill of productivity but then suddenly you’re charging down the steep decline of failure and going through the loop of self-doubt before coming to an abrupt halt at the procrastination station.

But rollercoasters are meant to be fun. They…

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